Install Windows XP from an ISO on a USB drive onto a SATA hard disk without nLite (using Easy2Boot)

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*ATTENTION: Use Easy2Boot v1.95 or later* (there is a bug-fix in 1.92 for AMD systems).
If you have a Windows XP Install ISO file and a USB flash drive or USB hard disk drive, you can install Windows XP to any IDE/SATA/SCSI/RAID system directly from the XP ISO file.
The XP Install ISO does not need to be changed or modified in any way – just use a standard Microsoft Windows XP Install…


  1. PCIVEN_8086&DEV_A102&REV_31 <—- without this sata ahci/raid/scsi driver for xp iso the boot will halt every time with "Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration"
    Where can i get one?

  2. I used the f11 menu to boot from usb drive, hard disk is the default, all went well, it went onto part 2 automatically, and then it says there is no hard drive, what to do ;w;

    grb loader file that gets installed is also in the Easy2boot folder, they are named exactly the same, what I did further on I skipped to copy over the (grldr file) and managed to get everything working on the USB stick, I have now a bootable usb2 stick with windows xp iso that I can install onto a Desktop system that has a SATA only Hard drive. Thanks To Steve

  4. Thank you very much. I've spent so much time trying to find the way to make windows xp usb that will work on an old acer aspire one. I've used wintoflash, rufus, unetbootin, nothing worked. Thank you once again.

  5. i have a problem. the first step was a success but the 2nd step doesnt detect my hdd. in my bios, the 1st boot is the usb stick. but if i change it back to my hdd, it wont boot my usb stick. so i dont know what to do man

  6. why not just skip the usb . if u have 2 hdd or ssd u could just copy all files on 1 hdd or ssd and boot from it and use other hard drive just to get windows on it

  7. rmprepusb is a no sense name difficult to pronounce, and all the steps are a mess,
    why not a simple click to make it all? "format the drive and install easy2boot"

  8. When I open with 7zip, and then I try to extract the files to a folder, it gives an error message "An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.", and 7zip stops working.

  9. the thing is i tap y on using usb-hdd and pretty much reach till setupscreen and on the screen with options enter to install r= recovery etc at that screen my lap keyboard nor touchpad doesnt work what should i do

  10. If you have Hirens Boot CD then you can run a diagnostic HDD test from MiniXP from the HBCD menu.

    There is a Fujitsu Diagnostic test for DOS,1.html
    1. Download FJDT700 and extract FJDT.exe
    2. Extract FreeDOS_Full.ima from _ISODOSMNUFreedos288.ima (already in E2B)
    3. Copy and rename FreeDOS_Full.ima to _ISOMAINMENUFreeDOSHDD.ima
    4. Install ImDisk, right click on _ISOMAINMENUFreeDOSHDD.ima and Mount as floppy
    5. Copy FJDT.exe to the new floppy virtual drive (should be FDAUTO.bat, KERNEL.SYS, etc, already there)
    6. Right-click on the new floppy drive icon an UnMount ImDisk Virtual Disk
    7. Now boot to E2B, select the FreeDOSHDD.ima file and boot to it – then type FJDT


  11. @steve6375 I tried to look for that a million times.. The only thing I could find for the HDD was enable and disable… It says "options for sata drive" or something along those lines but that's it…. These bios have like no options… And for the error it just happens randomly sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it's really quick…

  12. "I just tried" as in tired using the USB boot on my laptop. "It went flawless" – it was installing everything as it should. "Then boom" meaning the blue screen just randomly popped up when everything seemed to be installing. The same thing happened with the windows CD. The HDD in the computer is completely formatted and empty.

  13. @steve6375. Thanks man! Much appreciated! I just tried everything went flawlessly then boom I got the blue screen of death again! Same thing with the cd… What's the problem with my laptop…? I've been at this for days :/

  14. Can i use a usb set up like this on a computer with a blank HDD? i have the bios installed but the HDD was formatted and i can only install via usb as the CD/DVD method is not working.

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