Install Windows XP on Virtual PC

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– This is how to install Windows XP as a parallel operating system to your current operating system in a virtual machine. You can download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 here –


  1. Help Im confused, when I'm at the stage 2:04 of formatting <quick> or normal, is there any REAL formatting going on? is one of my hard drives getting formatted or can I be calm? I'm so confused. I don't wanna lose any information I have.

    If you dont have Physical Drive A,B,C,D or any then click on CD and then locate your Windows xp ISO file and double click it! and then click on Action and press Reset then install your XP

  3. You need to make sure there's enough ram for the host OS. So if your computer only has like 6 gigs of ram and you have too many other programs open, it WILL cause major lag lol. If you think that's your problem you might want to reduce the ram to 2 gigs. It should work alright.

  4. Problem with Win 7 64 bit. I have a 64 bit host, but when I create a 64 bit VM, it lags terribly to where the OS is almost unusable. I have no problem running Win 7 32 bit though. I know it isn't a ram issue because I gave the 64 bit VM 4 GB ram, have no idea what the problem is.

  5. I can't click: use Physical drive C: or D:! D: I followed but, I can't click: use Physical drive C: or D:! and windows xp will not boot on microsoft virtual PC because of customer mac addr! help me please! French translation: Je ne peux pas cliquer sur: utiliser le lecteur physique C: ou D:! D: J'ai suivi, mais, je ne peux pas cliquer sur: utiliser le lecteur physique C: ou D:! et Windows XP ne démarre pas sur Microsoft Virtual PC à cause de la client mac addr! aidez-moi s'il vous plaît! 🙁

  6. @LouishNucky10 Have you given the virtual pc enough ram. Have you given it enough HDD space. Does your computer have enough RAM to support your OS and the Virtual PC's OS. Blue screen is a FATAL error message. So it would consider not enough RAM as a fatal error.

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