Installing a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop on unRAID 6

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Sorry for the Peanuts animation effect in the video. It wasn’t until I was done rendering that I realized I had tried using Shadowplay to capture my footage when my desktop was at 4k resolution. Shadowplay was set to capture in 1080p, so it tried to scale-down automatically which in turn made the footage look…well…like it was having a seizure. I decided to upload it anyway and leave it as an unlisted video until I can reshoot the footage in the proper way.

For those that care less…


  1. Good videos about your virtual machine product but you assume everyone has Windows or Mac. What the folks that have long ago abandoned MS Windoze? How about an example of installing a Linux VM (Ubuntu or Mint or ???) in particular using a local graphics card, keyboard and mouse.

  2. im trying to install windows 7 for first boot up for installation is ok such like i add the driver for harddrive anf lately for second boot up is not continue anymore, i try windows 10 is ok until the installation finish but for windows 7 is not ok.. john please help me..

  3. Hello! when trying to execute the powercfg command I get this
    C:Usersjonatan>powercfg -h off
    Unable to perform operation. An unexpected error (0x65b) has occurred: Function failed during execution.

    Any ideas? thanks!

  4. Thank you very much for these tutorials Jon they are excellent, So I just followed the instructions to the letter but I'm unable to see the NAS from the VM. I can see and access the plex server running on it and I'm able to access the webgui but just can't see the folder structure. Any ideas what I've done wrong?

  5. Hi I have a few questions like how would you setup a Xbox controller to play games with it also if you have seen the video what Linus did he did two gaming Rigs of one tower and I was wondering can you run it if you have no internet? Great video please get back to me๐Ÿ˜€

  6. So I might just be stupid, but I got stuck on Windows setup because the Virtio.iso was not an option. Not sure if this was changed in a later release, but I had to click on the "basic" slider button and change the virtual machine settings to advanced view. After doing this I was able to specify the location of the Virtio.iso file and continue following the video.

    Just a tidbit if anyone else runs into the same problem.

  7. Perfect tutorial windows 10 installed and running.

    The only thing is I can't see the unraid shares under windows10 vm.
    Then I can't map "jons data" share.
    Any idea why?

  8. Hey quick question. If i was to plug in a monitor to the unRaid system would i be able to see what i am doing on the vm there? or Can i only access the vm from another PC on the network.

  9. Is there a way to lock up a share so that you're the only person with access to it? For example when you created Jons Data share, will everyone on the network be able to see your files?

    BTW. your videos are very informative and I am very close to my first setup of unRaid for my home network.

  10. question, not sure if covered it… If I want to install multiple windows vms, do I need to have multiple vdisks? I'm assuming I'm fine with just one ISO folder, but wasn't sure for vdisks.

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