Installing and Configuring DOS Emulator DOSBox + Frontend DOSShell on Windows 7

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Download the frontend for DOSBox @

The DOS emulator itself is available @

This short video tutorial demonstrates how to setup the DOS emulator “DOSBox” and its frontend “DOSShell” on Microsoft Windows 7. The logical game “Kurtan” was launched as an example.

DOSShell is an x86/DOS application launcher that works in tandem with the outstanding DOSBox emulator. Plus, it is also a convenient Explorer-like entry manager,…


  1. why do we need DOSshell for? another video shows we can run/open files using DOSBox by itself… Also, i cannot seem to open a personal .exe file thus i cant create the icon file needed to be input into the Dosshell.. Should i open this exe file with the DOSBox command prompt.. Please help

  2. Alright, I searched for a solution of this problem. If you own a 64-bit Windows, then you have no other choice than downloading a virtual machine such as the freeware VirtualBox. Then you need to install an old operating system and run the game on top of it.

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