Installing and Configuring Synergy on Ubuntu — Part 1

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This is part one of my tutorial on installing and configuring Synergy (a program which allows you to use one mouse and keyboard with multiple machines) on Ubuntu. In this video, Ubuntu is my server and Windows 7 is my client.


  1. hey everyyoneee : ) hehehe how is with terminal command ? ' apt-get install synergy : p || for all who crack up on this with nervs' there is a graphical interface ' on Gnome' with autoconfig' . . . but u must put manually the ip' from your servers pc's ip. && don't forget to give tcp access in iptables' if won't connect' . . . iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp -d -j ACCEPT then iptables -I OUTPUT 1 -p tcp -d -j ACCEPT ! Peace out & Happy MouseSurfing 😀 Hahahahah '

  2. Thanks for posting this. It helped me a lot.
    I have an old 32 bit PC so had to get a 32 bit version of synergy. It was V 1.7.6
    The other 64 bit PC had V 1.4.12 from the repository.. so I had to update that to 1.7.6 as well due to incompatible client errors. All works now. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks, it was helpful.
    Just one point to add, I think there should be no blank line between or after command lines. I have got stuck with an error related to that for a while.

  4. It took me 15 seconds to understand I'd get my answers with your video. And indeed as soon as I saw your config file I was done.
    I love synergy so much I almost cried…
    So thanks a lot, and your camera zoom/focus total chaos was ok btw… 😀

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