Installing Etherpad Lite on Debian and Ubuntu

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Link to guide:

In this video I install Etherpad Lite on Debian using a guide.


  1. @johnyma22 Thanks for considering that and for the link to the written guide, I really appreciate that. Thanks also for taking the time to share the knowledge! ;D

  2. Please talk slowly and type the commands instead of rushing past the command history. Yours words are not clear. In future videos, please talk slowly with sufficient pause between words and louder. Thanks for making the video.

  3. Thanks. The video shows you know what you're doing and you can type and work in linux with high proficiency and speed. As far as usefulness to the viewer, that's debatable. Next time you may want to organize steps that inexpert can follow too & rather than mumbling while typing, you could comment at each step explaining what you're doing and why. Please consider that those who would like to follow your how-tos may not be at equal skill levels… and those who are will not need the video. Thanks!

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