Installing multiple Operating Systems on a PC (Windows 10 Dual Boot)

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BIOS keys:
Windows Tool:
Download your Windows 7 ISO:…


  1. Why do you use "multi" in the label, when it is ONLY dual.

    I am trying to find "multi" (NOT "one or the other") inaccurate labels are a pain in the ass, and waste time during searches!!

  2. you don't need any software, unless you don't know what your doing, because all the tools are already on windows; Diskpart & windows explorer's cd/dvd utility (or you can download rufus for usb) and besides power ISO isn't free, it's a trial.

    p.s. what happened to that laptop screen?? looks like screen-bleed.

  3. My XP's pc broken (mother board) So i have the hard drive that was install the Win. XP's, can i conect this drive to my new PC that working with Win.10 to recover my archives? Thanks.

  4. hi. i have two hard drives. one with windows 8 and one with windows 7. can i install both hard drives on one motherboard one pc then choose which to use when i turn on my pc? i dont need to use both at the same time. i have two pc's and the graphics card of one pc stopped working. instead of buying a graphics card i would prefer to just move the hard drive of the unusable pc to the one that is still working so i have access to the files and os. im not a tech guy thats why im not sure if it would work. any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  5. Hey mate,

    Thanks for the great video. I just have a couple of questions. My laptop already has windows 10 installed. Can I still do this by just resizing my C: drive and setting up this way. I only ask because it doesn't allow me the option of split partition, I am guessing because it already has an operating system installed.

    Thanks fella,

  6. I have a Toshiba laptop and it came with windows 10 out of the box i wanted windows 7 because it uses way less ram an its 64-bit this really helped me this is a great step by step diminstration!!!

  7. kingsley, i ve win 10 , i need to install 7 for few programs, so for installing win 7 can i follow the same steps?and i use a dell laptop. thanks! also is it possible to install windows 7 in a external hdd ?

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