Installing Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) on Windows 8

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This video looks at how to install Remote Administration tools on Windows 8. These tools allow you to administer servers and workstations remotely. RSAT for Windows 8 also includes Server Manager which was previously not available. With this included, using RSAT you should be able to perform almost all the same functions from remote as you can while sitting in front of the server.

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  1. I have downloaded the .exe file for my 64 bit machine & my Windows 8.0 is updated. But unfortunately I get an error message on the screen, says; "The Update is not applicable to your computer".
    Is there any solution for that?

  2. i had a question that . I have installed RSAT and both server and windows 8 is in virtual box . Now i try to add server but it dosnt show a server but either gives me following message "the local computer is not domain-joined or cant access domain controller " please help me.

  3. I get error "Windows Update Standalone Installer"- The update is not applicable to your computer. I have Restarted and I am Admin and their is nothing the Add remove windows features to enable….

  4. Yes we will be. They will be released so the common information for Windows Server 2012 will be included. This way you don't have to watch to videos, one of Windows Server 2008 and one for Windows 2012. Glad you like the video.

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