Installing RSAT on Windows 7

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RSAT provides administration tools on a desktop computer that allow the administrator to make configuration changes on a Windows Server from remote. This video looks at installing RSAT on Windows 7. Many of the videos that we release use RSAT to make configuration changes on a Windows Server.

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Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)
RSAT provides that same administrative tools on the administrative desktop…


  1. When i try running both version for Windows 7  (64 and 32 bit), it says this update does not apply to your system. But i do not have the Remote Server Administration Tools – Role Administration Tools Option……..

  2. Thanks very much. I did not think any one would watch this one because it is windows 7. Windows 8.1 version of this video has been recorded and will be released soon. Hopefully we will make it to 300 before to long. 🙂

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