Installing VirtualBox on Windows 7.

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Installing VirtualBox on Windows 7.


  1. Rule of thumb that could be helpful to you: If you have absolutely no clue to what you are doing, and have nothing to say about it, for god sake, don't make a video on how to do it…
    Btw: you even managed to mess the versions, not installing the one you showed on the website… facepalm

  2. I uuummm want to like uuummm thank you all for uuummmm looking at my video uuuummmmm where I uuuummmmm will be installing uuummmm  VirtualBox on uuuummmm a Windows uuuummmm 7 machine here in uuummmmm just a minute uuummmm and uuuummmmm I am, I mean uuummmmm .
    Couldn't resist man I had to do this. I get kids in my, well adults, in my shop all the time that have no clue how to speak to someone and they do this. Had one applying for a position and it took me 2 minutes to stop him and hand him back his application and told him to go take a speech class then re-apply. 

  3. I was able to install Ubuntu using Virtualbox on Win7. Could you help me add software inside Ubuntu Virtualbox so I can use them? That's where I'm having problems. We could use teamviewer if you'd like.

  4. HEY…! Sir! I got a problem.I installed virtual box and double clicked for open it causes error as
    "Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object.
    The application will now terminate.
    Start tag expected, '<' not found.
    Location: 'C:UsersAdministrator/.VirtualBoxVirtualBox.xml', line 1 (0), column1
    D:tinderboxwin-4.1srcVBoxMainsrc-serverVirtualBoxImpl.cpp[485] (VirtualBox::init)."
    what am i do? sir! please ……

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