Installing Windows 10 in VMWare on Linux Mint

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This is a Windows 10 install on a VMWare virtual machine.

I realize that Windows 10 ships with Microsoft Edge rather than Explorer. I apologize for misspeaking on that in the video.

If you have any questions about the video, the process, the software, or anything at all, feel free to ask in the comments.
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  1. Thank you for the tutorial on this. Interestingly I have experienced extreme slowness with VMWare Player installing Win10 Pro 64bit on linux mint. However on Virtual Box it installed and configured itself to bring me to the login prompt on Windows 10 in the same time as this tutorial.
    I'll be looking around the forums to see if anyone else has experienced this but my experience is sooooo much slower with VMWare Player than VirtualBox. I really couldn't say why.

    Is there any specific set of commands you used to run VMWare Player. I have an icore7 8cpus 8Gig of Ram. I've set it to 5.5 RAM and 55GB of Disk Space with 4Cores. There's surely something I'm missing some additional command that might resolve it. OR I'll dump VMWare Player and Virtual Box(Because its 3d acceleration sucks) and go back to a dualboot.

  2. It's funny how few youtube search results appeared for Win10 VMWare installation on Mint.

    Anyway, do you need a new serial key every single time you create a windows 10 (pro edition) virtual machine?
    If I happen to simply delete and create another virtual machine, or just reinstall it, will I be able to reuse the serial key? Or is that the same as throwing one key in the trash?

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