Installing Windows 7

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Installing Microsoft Windows 7 RC:
First of all the why would you want to do this? There are a couple reasons.
1.Hardware and software are becoming more sophisticated so in order to stay in front of the curve you should know what technologies are available.
2.Increase productivity – people often forget that increasing production is the main reason that they invest in technology to begin with.
3.Its Free for 13 months. (I like free).
4.Vista is an…


  1. So i have a problem guys. I bought a laptop online. Its legit. But after 5 months it kept crushing until it says your windows is not genuine and it just kept black screen and i cant do shit. Help.

  2. Hello i have a question someone recently gave a desktop and some other things. And i found a windows 7 pro disc. So i was wondering if i could use it more than once so i could go back to windows 7 on my laptop?

  3. Daniel,u can record screen by using sm screen recordig programs,i suggest u to use CAMTASIA 7 cuz its best one,also if u have crap(shitty) bad performance PC like 512 MB ram bad PCU,etc,etc,dont even try that cuz program(camtasia 7) is made for  beter Pc performances,u can see what PC performances camtasia 7 requires to use it normaly^^ 🙂 u can download free trial version but it will work only for 30 days,try find versions that doesnt limit u to 30 days,think its full,little harder to find with serial key,but SEARRCHHHHHH lololol.Hope so i help u 🙂 

  4. you shouldnt expect a response beacuse you should buy a windows 7 disc with a product key enless you resort to pirateing i never prirate software espshaly microsoft and operating systems
    and anyway whats ur version

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