Installing Windows 8 from the network

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This video will look at installing Windows 8 completely from the network. Check out for more of our always free training videos. No media needs to be taken to the computer in order to perform the install. The video itself does not go into much detail about how the process works rather it offers pre-configured download files and doesn’t look at how these files are configured. If you are after a quick network solution, this is the video for you. If you want to…


  1. Finally got it working thanks to this method, kudos to @itfreetraining. Before I used as boot file but it always failed at BCD error screen, couldnt manage to fix it. Did the preinstall environments changed with the pxelinux.0? If so screw Windows for such crappy environment.

  2. I am working with OracleVirtualBox, already seted up my tftdp32 + boot files, at Deployment codes part i can't get the x64 bits version of windows 10 only have the x86, at my machine i am using Bridged Network, so when i start it up its asks me only to press f12 then it shows up VirtualBox temporary boot device selection and it shows up the following options: Detected Hard disks: AHCI controller: 1) Hard Disk

    Other boot devices: f) Floppy c) CD-ROM l) LAN or b) Continue booting

    So it don't boot as your video with the Menu to select wich wich win do we want to install…

    I need some help plz

  3. hi guys, i need one more information about Clone OS (How to install Clone OS (Specific Installed software) to another desktop machine and should be present in the basic software) Could you share the Video link or broadcast video on internet.

  4. Hello dude, i need ur help.
    Every time when the WinPEx64 is downloaded on the 2nd computer, it always reboot like i did nothing. Maybe cuz i've Linux ?
    I've already changed the boot on the ethernet…

  5. Hi all,

    I am having an issue with network boot. The laptop starts to boot ipv4 and then I notice within tftp a connection but then it drops and then the laptop tries to boot ipv6 and then it never connects. Please help.

  6. +itfreetraining is there anyway I can make it so when you boot from the network, the 'net use…..' is automatically ran.
    So as soon as I press F12, choose the ISO, it runs the setup instantly from there.

  7. I receive message after loading iso through network boot:
    memdisk: image appears to be truncated…
    Tried to create iso file once again, but still same results. What could be wrong?

  8. hi bro i need help .. when i select win 8 64 and  it starts to load ding /winpex64.iso .after that press any key to continue comes when i press it .. pc get restart and come to the same menu .. please help

  9. Very good tutorial, although I would not recommend sharing the DVD directly. DVDs are slower than hard drives, so I would prefer to either copy the contents of the Windows installation DVD to a shared folder on a hard drive, or create an ISO from the DVD and mount that with Virtual CloneDrive, subsequently sharing the virtual DVD drive.

  10. Excellent video, but unfortunately there is a black screen after "press any key to start…" on the computer without any operating system (after loading the iso-file from network)… There is no command prompt which should be appear… What am I doing wrong?! Please help! 🙂

  11. I got through almost everything, but at the point where I do the net use command I get stuck. It tells me the drive is now connected to the IP address and gave me a letter for the drive (z: first, then y:). I tried to type in z: and only get "The device is not ready." It won't let me do set up at all! Everything else worked and I followed the instructions to this point, can you please help?

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