Installling AutoCAD on Windows 10 [Net FrameWorks FIX]

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Simple and easy solution to the Net framework problem on windows 10.

just tell the installer you have net framework 4.5 installed and it’ll install


  1. well, then the people who designed it and wont improve it are tits. I tried the above process, but win 10 wouldn't allow me to update it, even though I'm an admin!! I downloaded Turbo cad no problem… so Autocad.. you really need to sort it out if you want us to use your software! I've been trying to get this to work for days.

  2. what to choosebruhh ? <all application…> <account unknown..> <system> <admin..> <users..> or <trusted installer>.. pls help.. can i really trust dis <trusted installer> XD.. im afraid to continue the process.. it may worsen the case if i do so.. :)) plitt elp anyone… X((

  3. what is account there? do i have to make one or i can just have one of the existing.. i am using a new laptop and don't know what is the account ur telling about.. im sorry pls help.. thnx :)) replly anyone..

  4. Uninstall the Net Framework if already installed in your PC and than install AutoCAD.
    AutoCAD will install the netframe that comes with it. Did that on my PC windows 7 and it installed perfectly

    Your solution is more simple.

  5. Unnecessarily very difficult, you just must edit only setup.ini file openning it with notepad of windows operating system, with righ click and deleting all concernient to: Dotnet (net framekork) using CTRL+F (control +find) and saving the changes, making a backup of setup.ini file, previously install direct x 9, 9c, 10, 11c or correspondient to AutoCAD version.
    Also do not forget to download and install the visual basic complement (vcredist – vcredistibutable), programs that can be found at:

  6. Tu est un dieu mon ami, ca a etais dur de trouver une solution pour utiliser de autocad pendant plusieurs jour j'ai galèrer, j'ai pas dormi de la nuit pour trouver de quoi il s'agissait et la je suis tombé sur ta vidéo j'ai fait tous à la lettre et paf ca a marché, juste la ou j'avais pas bien compris c'était au moment où il a deux network et en fait c'est pas le premier mais le deuxième un grand merci

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