Intel pentium 3 running Windows 7 Ultimate

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A LifeTec (Medion) LT9399 notebook with a 900Mhz Intel Pentium III Mobile and fully upgraded to 192MB RAM, and it runs Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

not surprisingly its very slow, but I actually didn’t initially intend to have it run Windows 7, I was using it’s HD to test out if it would run properly on the HP notebook I mention in the video, and especially how fast it would run on that.
after finding it a bit to slow I swapped the disks back and when I turned this thing on to install DSL…


  1. I actually prefer using Mini Windows 7, but while both would certainly run lighter, this was pretty much specifically about how little Windows 7 would still run with, although it might boot with even less, even this is already too little to really use it, I was quite surprised that it did actually find nearly all drivers though, sound and the modem don't work, then again it likely won't manage to play audio at all anyway.

  2. yes, although the memory controller supports 265MB it only has one memory slot and 64MB onboard memory soldered to the motherboard, limiting it to only using 64MB onboard + 128MB in the SO-DIMM slot.

  3. most phones use an ARM processor though, even if the speed would compare with a P2 (and with Dual or Quad Core 1,4Ghz they don't) you still can't make a comparision between an x86 processor and an ARM processor, each will be faster depending on what you want to do, in the right situation a 195Mhz RISC processor can be faster then this, or even a Pentium 4.

  4. I did, but in general I usually find XP won't run well with less then a 1.4Ghz CPU with 1GB RAM, a 1.2Ghz PIII will probably work quite good, but 265MB is not quite enough for XP to run smooth.

    Vista would be more like crawling, XP will run on it, but with SP3, 1GB would be the best option, I have a 1.0Ghz PIII with 512MB which won't run XP really smoothly, it runs, and with the right graphics card Youtube works as well, but its not very smooth.

  5. I highly doubt it would run well with a regular installation, a slipstreamed installation including only what the machine would need may run fairly well though.

    for youtube, depending on the browser you'd you, it could be the graphics card is more importaint for that, I have a 800Mhz PIII with 265MB with linux Lubuntu which can play DVD's and full HD youtube video's, it doesn't have a harddisk so I use a USB drive to boot it.

  6. @Einheitskreis its it quite likely there won't be a sound driver, the notebook shown here is missing three drivers, one of which is the sound.

    it is also not unlikely the system will use the HDD more, as it will probably be using the swap-file ("virtual memory", pagefile.sys) a lot more then windows XP.

  7. I just watch this video as i configure Win7 Pro SP1 on my mothers 2000' "Gericom" laptop with a 996MHz Pentium III Mobile with 512mb SDRAM (but 64mb VRAM shared). Well, it's not exactly flying 😀 but it works! Have no sound though, must find driver. Also i think the HDD activity is quite a bit higher than with Windows XP.

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