Interop Tools for Windows 10 Mobile – Registry Editor for Phones

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A new tool just released by Gustave M (@gus33000) allows non-interop unlocked devices to edit their registries, which allows you to maniplulate around with the OS. The app is still in beta but is available and working.

cellphone :



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  1. Hi…would you suggest me a way or a trick to stop updates on W10M?? My Lumia 550 does not work well on Creators Update.I would like to stay with Anniversary Update.kThanks!

  2. Hello dude…..i got banned in asphalt.i am using 2.6.0g. i have removed ban from my asphalt 8 windows 10 pc……reset the profile but unable to remove ban from my windows 10 phone and also unable to sync my pc xbox profile…..on phone it still says you are banned…Please help anyone….how to unban from windows 10 phone also…..please help…Thanks in Advance

  3. I have trying to change my Lumia 730s MAC address. I have changed the mac address on registry NetworkAddress Key but its still not getting reflecting on my device.

    Do you know any other way to change wifi mac address ?

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