Introducing Story Remix in Windows 10

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Story Remix makes it easy to use photos and videos to tell your own story. Make a video that captures your day, experience or mood. Then save it, share it, or give it a remix by adding fun 3D objects or drawing on it with Windows Ink. Whether you’re a budding amateur or just getting started, Story Remix will help you find inspiration and explore new ways to create great stories.

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  1. I have Windows 8.1. Since Movie Maker has been removed for some odd reason i have to either get windows 10 (which i wont) or buy Sony Vegas for like 600 dollars. Pretty shady that you deleted the original WMM and now force us to buy Windows 10 to install it.

  2. Can you split videos yo make them shorter of is this just a thing that combines videos? Windows movie makers have always sucked pretty bad. I can't believe that Windows took this long after smart phones started taking video to "update" (It looks less functional to me than the original) their software.

  3. so they discontinued the window live movie maker for this. ever since i used window live movie maker every time i make my movie now i can't make them anymore so thank u window people for discontinue my favorite movie maker i was getting used to the movie maker know it gone so thank u for taken it way from me. anyway this look cool just i don't think i ever be good as window live movie maker. but i understand u have to make something new and cool but i'm sorry to be upset just miss window live movie maker.

  4. OK Story Remix is advertised as being released in October 2017, here it is Thanksgiving 2017, I downloaded the damn update which took several HOURS, and it's STILL not there and can't find any way to download the program anywhere! What the hell is going on with this thing?

  5. why is it beyond you to give me an application that allows me to overlay an mp3 track on a video? i can't believe you dropped movie maker without a replacement anywhere close to ready to deploy. the new generation working at microsoft is completely incompetent. i've literally been sending videos to my linux laptop to edit with openshot because it's broken on windows and then send back to my desktop. great way to keep people using your platform by not having essential software

  6. Guys.. I have updated Windows 10 to version 1709 but I'm still not getting this app. I'm also subscribed to the Windows Insider Program, yet didn't get this feature yet, alongwith the new emojis, even though some features like the new notification style and pin contacts to taskbar are there. Is the Photos app Story Remix now? Cause I've started to see video features in the Photos app now after the update.

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