Introduction to Linux

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This is a basic introduction to Linux. It answers two questions: what is GNU/Linux? And what it can offer its users? See the advantages for yourself.

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A few key features I forgot to mention in the video:

1. GNU/Linux operating systems are MUCH less susceptible to viruses — HUGE plus! You don’t have to pay annually for any antivirus software or worry about your PC data being compromised in ways that Windows is vulnerable.

2. GNU/Linux operating systems use…


  1. Dude, if customization is the problem and the only advantage Linux has over Windows, just get Rainmeter for Windows. It's SO customizable and SO pretty to look at. You can even get something called "Rainmeter" to make the toolbar transparent so it's whatever your background is set to, but the apps are still there(unless you choose to hide them)

  2. Our main systems run on XP professional any anything that runs on later systems never seems to work properly, or takes forever.
    Every one here seems to be talking about games, but our main concern is the thousands of word documents and excel applications that are in daily use.
    Will the whole of Microsoft office professional (including our thousands of existing files and excel configured systems) run easily on a Linux OS. Also, can Linux run a local or wide area file network.?

  3. Linux can customize and be like other OS, mac, windows.. As said Linux is open-source and free to use. Nothing can beat linux.. Except gaming things, the performance will be crappy.. I suggest you using ubuntu for a high gaming performance.

  4. Windows 8 (now 10) Pro for $40!? It's $340 AUD or $200 USD for the download. All other reasons for getting Linux are void. It's free. Windows is hundreds of dollars. If it was 40 bucks then just get Windows and save yourself the bother.

  5. I wanna try Linux mint so that I could do programing but I cant find any tutorials that explain it enough. Also do you have any recomendations for a cheap $300-$400 laptop that runs Linux mint?

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