Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

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In this tutorial we will give you a quick introduction to linux and linux commands for aspiring linux students.

Contents of this Course:

1 – Introduction to Linux
2 – Quick Overview of Linux Distributions or Distros, such as Debian or Ubuntu
3 – Using the Linux Terminal
4 – Basic Linux commands for navigation and file manipulation.

We will go over 10 commands in this video, including: cd, ls, pwd, cp, rm, mkdir, rmdir, man and more. Stay tuned for more Linux Commands Tutorials for…


  1. As a linux noob. Why is almost everything unnecessary complicated? Installing software could be as easy as downloading a package and click install. But most software have to be installed by sudo apt-get install <software name>. (still not that hard) But some software is even harder to install. It requires alot of code and or sudo nano to edit config files etc. Why??? And sometimes I save instructions on how to install certain things. But with a new release its not longer working. Linux should work on being more user friendly. You cant even select 1920×1080 resolution. No it has to be done with multiple lines of code. WHY????

  2. cd stands for "Change Directory"
    Change Directory to (a name). You can only move up or down in cd.
    cd (name) (to move up a directory) or
    cd .. (to move down a directory)
    cd/ (return to home directory)

    If your coming from Windows or the old Dos commands you'll find that its has the same feel. like:
    chdsk and so on.
    It should have the same feel to it.

  3. Thank you, this intro is greatly appreciated.
    I'm a geek at but have never gotten much into linux because I prefer things that don't require a lot of %&@#! use. Though I really like being able to tinker I don't like being required to to make things happen. Well now I must use Ubuntu on a cloud VM and just didn't know where to start. Great to have a good intro and I'll be looking for your other videos to delve deeper and deeper into the cli of ubuntu.

  4. Nice vidoe Saki, I am very new to lInux, so I have a very trivial question I guess. Are the commands same in all the linux distributions like ubunto, red hat etc.. One more question: Can we ONLY operate on current directory? lets say we are in dir "A" can we copy and paste a file from dir "B" to dir "C".

  5. When list I am automatically in /root so I did cd / than ls cd home it put me in home I typed ls and it says lost+found and when I am in root I can see desktop and everything is it because I changed my user name it's root@my nickname only thing I did?

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