Introduction to Windows 10 | Tutorial & Guide for Beginners 2017

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In this tutorial, we cover how to use Windows 10 and find many useful functions. Topics covered include Desktop, Microsoft Edge Browser, Windows Explorer, Ninite ,Useful Hotkeys – Windows Button, Print Screen, Start Menu, Windows Store, Exe Files (Installing Programs), Settings, Log Off, Shutdown, Sleep Mode

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  1. Wish i saw this vid 2 week ago i tried copy my windows folder to bigger hard drive then deleted it from smaller one cos im a noob lol…question tho…when i try record my screen it says cannot access settings try later…but if i close the game and do it then gamebar appears?

  2. Great video, do you know how to fix a problem I'm having with my Windows. The program is opened and shows so on the Taskbar but there is no window open. If I hover the mouse arrow over the ico in the Taskbar, it shows the program running just fine. I've rebooted my computer and scanned it a millions times and can't figure out this problem!

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