iOS 11 Beta 7 Vs Beta 6 (Battery & Performance Test) Should You Update?

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iOS 11 Beta 7 Vs Beta 6 (Battery & Performance Test) Which one Wins? Must Watch!
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  1. If u wonder how the battery life on ios 11 beta7/public beta 6 , the battery is stable for me. My phone can reach 9hours+ usage & 36hours+ standby. it depend on user, if u play game, watch movie, listen to music, it will drain faster but overall it almost perfect

  2. Drains faster on beta 7 on my iPhone 6s and I'm talking about draining REAL FAST,using YouTube at 100% after about an hour and a half it goes from 100 to 50-40% with half brightness and wifi on

  3. Also when you do the battery life test the beta6 one has a SIM card but the 7 one don't. So beta6 was keeping searching for signal so it will waste more battery.

  4. On beta 7 did you have any accessibility shortcuts enabled (triple click home button)? That delays the app switcher by a second since it takes time to see if you will click two or three times

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