iPad 4 vs Windows 8 Intel Atom Tablets Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the iPad 4 with Retina Display and Windows 8 tablets with Intel Atom CPU including the Lenovo ThinkPad 2, HP ENVY X2 and more. This is for you tablet newbies who’ve asked us how to decided between the iPad and Atom Windows tablets. What do they have in common? Similar pricing, battery life, weight and sometimes size. How do they differ? The iPad is the ultimate leisure device while Windows 8 tablets can handle basic computing tasks. Of course, there’s lots more, so watch…


  1. Windows tablets win IMO

    You can do much more on them

    True split screen multitasking

    Run desktop programs

    Manage other devices and flash drives with a full USB port

    Get them on ANY budget. Even as low as $99. And they are actually GOOD with colorful IPS screens and decent build quality. Look up the HP stream 7 and winbook tw801 if you don't believe me.

    Better value, you can get a 10 inch windows tablet that comes with a keyboard dock included for as low as $250- $300. Or the Asus transformer book t100 chi that recently came out for $400.

    Better gaming, since it is full windows you can use steam to play games, high quality indie games and even many earlier 7th gen games will run . Just look up dell venue 8 pro and HP stream 7 gaming videos. On windows you don't need to settle for IAP filled mobile games.

    Upgradeable storage.

    Many tablets come with Microsoft office if you are into that sort of thing.

  2. I have a Windows TW700 a iPad Mini and several Android tablets.   Which is best?   That's a hard question because each OS and device is different.   The iPad has a great display and long lasting battery.   No SD , no USB like the TW700 and I hate itunes.   Sure I could jail break but why should I have too.   Android tablets are in my mind the best option for the average user.   The Windows tablet is also cool.   There is no actual best because our needs differ.   If you have a iPhone then a iPad makes sense as does a Macbook but if money is a concern or you want features Apple doesn't offer then no.

    I will say that the new crop of Windows tablets are well priced and offer micro SD slots, HDMI and some have USB.  

  3. Doesn't kill the option of getting an IPad for some people, but I prefer to run a desktop OS over a mobile OS on a tablet, too bad Ubuntu isn't showing enough relevance around there, so Windows will have to do. I would also like at least 1 USB port and a microSD card slot.

  4. One thing to get straight first is that the windows8.1 tablets have hundreds of millions of apps more than the ipad. an app being a program that allows you to do something.

    Android and Apple together do not have as many apps as windows 8.1

    I have just purchased an asus t200ta which blows away any ipad i have ever tried, with speed and power that makes the latest ipad look like an antique.

  5. iPad is better. My mom had a think pad and i had a ipad 2 and she found herself using the ipad due to the digital screen quality. The ipad is more of a medium use tablet according to my opinion while Lenovo is light. I've used both products and i prefer the iPad way way more that the Lenovo think pads

  6. thanks for the comparison, you should have concluded with your own opinion as to which you prefer in relation to your uses of a portable tablet, im now interested in getting an intel atom based tablet lol

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