iPad iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Slate

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Windows 8 vs Apple iPad hands on


  1. And while being a Game Developer, I need to have USB Ports for:
    – Mouse.
    – Keyboard.
    – External HDD.
    – USB Host for the 3DS DevKit.

    Still enough for the extender, as I can connect to the Wii U DevKit via LAN only (and WiFi on the Surface Pro works too), and charging my Phone can be done using the Surface Pro Power Adapter.

  2. There's only one USB Port.
    I do have an extender for 4 USB Ports, it works, but it has more of a Desktop feel, than a Tablet feel.
    And in fact, it already is a PC, with or without USB Ports.

  3. My mother has an iPad with Retina Screen, while I have a Surface Pro.
    I love my Surface Pro way more than her iPad, and way and way more than any Android Tablet on the market.
    Android Phones are great, always the most powerful Phones on the market, but Android Tablets are generally cheap and way underpowered, and besides that, most Apps that run on Tablets are just Phone Apps, up-scaled to Tablet Screens.
    So why getting a Tablet for Phone Apps, if I can run all Desktop Apps on mine?

  4. Your complaints are answered. Surface Pro is the best Windows 8 tablet on the market. Absolutely ZERO lag. The IE10 experience will blow you away…blazing fast. Best browser experience I've ever had.

  5. I absolutely hate things designed for touchscreen, I hate using in-store apps from the windows store because it is designed for touch, I downloaded Angry birds from Pirate Bay instead of the Windows store because I hate the whole touch experience! I personally find it boring to have things designed for touch screen devices, it gets boring very quickly, where as in Windows 8, I just go to the desktop mode, I use the Win 8 charm thing for a minute or less a day, I use the desktop for 3+ hours.

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  7. It works, I'm more productive with it (mainly search & sharing charms), and the start screen is nicer to look at than the desktop.
    It might not suit everybodys tastes, but I actually like it. You just have to know some keyboard shortcuts, like win + typing = search, win + d = destop.

  8. Nothing in the video showed the Windows Tablet's touch functionality to be less effective than that of the iPad. "Uncomfortable" and "Annoying" are reactions to aesthetics, so you proved my point. Your "Ease of use" point is completely baseless. You clearly prefer iOS devices, which is fine, but you lack the ability or the experience to objectively compare the iPad to other tablets on the market.

  9. "Smooth Touch" and a "Nice Design" are only aesthetics. The features I mentioned offer users greater utility, making the product inherently BETTER. Regarding OS stability, iOS products are far from stable. Every iOS device owner I know shares the same experience as I, with our devices requiring a Factory Reset (Restore) about once a year. Stable, Really? The inital purpose of tablets were to replace laptops, and was the expectation of the iPad, but Apple provided less.

  10. windows 8 slate= a tablet that runs a full desktop os that can run programs like microsoft office and steam it can replace your laptop because it runs the same windows your laptop does. and it's more portable

    ipad= a locked down tablet that can't do even half the the things ANDROID can and yet people are comparing it to a full on pc.

  11. I share my tablet with family/friends without sharing my personal content. I also share PC programs and documents among my tablet, laptop, and desktop. I play flash games and videos through the brower, and can run ANY two programs simutaneously.

    I think you have let the iPad shape your view of what a tablet should be, even though tablets existed long before the iPad.

  12. see,window is just the best,outside the smooth motion apple had,all the other functions compared,window act more faster,more features than apple.hate it or like it

  13. "I assume that they're going to change the keyboard"… no unlikely, maybe you just need to learn to use it. Secondly, did you go off and have a cry after this? cause you sounded like you were going to burst out crying throughout haha

  14. Win8 RT is meant for a tablet yes. Win8 is a full operating system that runs equally well on a desktop and a tablet. Win8 is NOT meant for tablets only. It is very fast, stable and smart.

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  16. What iOS does that sets it apart is that it manages the system resources so that the app that's being displayed on the screen at that moment gets priority. The bad thing is that it's not true multitasking, whereas in Windows 8, true multitasking is available. iOS puts processing priority on the user interface.

  17. In windows 8 we can drag down the tiles and it zooms out helping us to place that tile even at the extreme end of the screen very easily. you don't have to use two hands as the video at 3:11

  18. I installed it two days ago when updating my rigs hardware….I thinks it's pretty cool! Hasn't bugged at all, not even with the drivers of my GPU or Motherboard, and it's running games smoothly.

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