iPad vs. Windows 8 Tablet Comparison

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Here is a comparison review of the Apple iPad vs. the Windows. 8 tablet. The Windows Surface tablet is best for someone who wants a laptop replacement. The iPad is best for someone who needs something light with long battery life and a great camera.


  1. ipad is the winner,i do not even have to watch this video,i tried androids,then windows 8.1 tablet,worst ever,never had such shitty performance in my life,then ipad mini ,the number 1 in my book…thank you thank you thank you

  2. i have the dell latitude 10 and i use at as my daily pc, i as well got mine refurbished but i did so around last year or so, and it was cheaper than that i got mine for i think 160 online, which is the same gb version too, i got it with a 4 out-put USB hub that was i think like 10$, USB logitech speakers that were about 15$,and a keyboard/mouse in one wireless USB for 15$ all together i spent about 200$ ill say its not anything to show off to somebody who has a real desktop but it for sure works great for an alternative if your not running big games ! mine can run games, but not anything new. to be real, i play games from 2009 and down that i get from piratedbay and it works fine, only think really holding the pc back from performing to the best of its advanatge is the atom 1.80ghz processor

  3. I switched back to my ipad.  I have Surface pro3 and it sucks.  VERY limited apps. Microsoft's free video editor sucks.  Basically I was losing out on 800,000 apps but using the surface. My old ipad has better battery life.  Other issues, the microsoft keyboard practically covers up the start menu.  The Surface a fan it it so I know it will eventually fail.  Also the leg on my surface rules out getting a cover.  I can do more with the ipad.   I have something like a billion more accessories I can get for my ipad.  

  4. Planning to get the pendo pad 8 with windows ^~^ its only like $140 in kmart or target why get an iPad….its much more expensive its more of a playing/game device. I'm getting the pendo pad cause its mainly a cheap little laptop that runs fluently it has the main essentials I need for school such as the Microsoft programs, and when I get bored I can watch movies on it off my hardrive/usb <3

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