Ipega 9028 Controller – Connecting to PC [Windows 8.1]

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1 – Go to your Windows 8.1 PC settings.

2 – Go to PC and Devices.

3 – Select bluetooth.

4 – On your controlller, hold down the X button, then press the home button. (It will flash rapidly in search mode)

5 – Select pair.

6 – Setup your controller on the emulator of your choice.

If you try to connect through the control panel or through bluetooth software then the controller won’t work. If you are using a bluetooth dongle then do not install the drivers for it. Just plug it…


  1. I tried playing ipega controller on nba 2k16 on pc through bluetooth, at first time i tried, it works. Then the next time I played using the controller, there seems to be a bug, it shows two controllers from 1 controller . what should i do?

  2. My windows 10 detect n pairing my ipega, but the result always setup incomplete because meter of connection. When I try with dolphin emu, it only ipega mouse pad works. Do you have any suggestions, what should I do..

  3. Hi there I have windows 10 now, cant seem to detect it. This happened to me on windows 7 so I upgraded for free but still no luck did you have to do anything else?

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