iPhone Hack – Ubuntu 10.04

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So in this video, I’m showing you, that its really easy to ”Hack” you iPhone or iPod in Ubuntu 10.04. You don’t need applications/software, such as Windows’ ”iPhoneBrowser”. All you need is the newest version of Ubuntu: 10.04 And you’re good to go!

ACTUALLY! This is not really a hacking thing, but the thing is, that you can do more in Ubuntu, just by opening the iPhone folder – Than you can in Windows. When you open the folder in Windows, you’ll just get a folder with pictures. – In…


  1. Nope, it´s a hack! (more or less)
    When you try this from windows, you will be asked for all the pins, before you can access the iphone.
    With ubuntu you automaticaly bypass all the pin requests and you can take access to all iphones with active bluetooth in your range.
    Also you need the iphone browser, if you want to do this via windows.

    This problem is known by Apple but they dont care. It´s known since iOS 3 and is still working.

  2. This isn't "hacking" your iphone. You can easily do this with windows. just plug in your iphone, open its folder and view the hidden folders. You can't do anything though so its not really a hack.

  3. So can you just copy music and videos in .mp3 and .mp4 iPhone file format directly from Ubuntu to the iPhone without all the synchronizing stuff? If so, do you know if it works in Ubuntu 9.10? Thanks and nice video BTW! 😀

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