IRULU WalkNBook Windows Tablet Discussing Functions

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The IRULU WalknBook Tablet is a full Windows 8.1 tablet (not Windows RT) and has 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and take an SD Card up to 128GB for additional storage. This Windows tablet comes with a full keyboard cover stand case and includes a trackpad if you don’t have a mouse but pairs perfectly with a Bluetooth mouse as well. This is the Orange model of the WalknBook 10.1″ Windows Tablet.

This tablet can do gaming, processing, email and is more functional than a…


  1. Thanks for taking the time for reviewing this. This is what we need, normal people giving us insights about a product for us normal people. The other guy commenting over here is in drugs and a poser.

  2. Ive made it through half of the video, here is what I see that are major problems, For one you guessing about battery life, (do tests then tell us) second you don't study the product at all, you had to look up specs (should be done before the video) third, change up your backround and cloths you wear! make yourself look professional, write a script if need be your UMMMing to much. you need to refine everything if you want to make it in this world have a nice day.

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