Is 8GB of RAM Enough In 2018?

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The commonly held wisdom is that you can get by with 8GB of RAM, but with how much Chrome and Windows 10 use does this still hold up in 2018?

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  1. just want to run that 8gb kit of the G.skill NT..still has never been one single error restart or anything and tried to dog it out ocing and overvolted…it's still fine….unreal dude…

  2. Answering this question at 10 seconds mark. The answer is no. 8GB is not enough for 2018 gaming. I have 32GB currently and now it is finally enough.Guess Linus hasn't played Star Citizen yet hahahaha. 8GB lasts 20 minutes in there, with all tabs closed.

  3. I'm using EDGE, yes the browser with the icon really similar to IE. 19 tabs open at the time Ram usage is about 2.3GB, I got 16GB so I don't really care, but I use EDGE because Firefox loves to crash and chrome based browsers cut my laptops battery life in half. from 5-6 hours to 2-3….

  4. I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA on ultra settings, 1440p, and have a second 1080p monitor running Spotify while a few Chrome tabs and possibly one other application are all open in the background.

    Everything has been running exceptionally smoothly on 8GB of DDR3 RAM for me and of course other decent hardware. Haven't felt the need to upgrade yet.

  5. I have 8gb ram, a 7th Gen i5 , and a gtx 1050. I have no problems running anything on either high or ultra game wise. if you intend to do serious 3d modeling I recommend a 1060ti and 16-32 gigs of RAM. I don't use discord but I can record everything at either high or ultra settings and get flawless performance. the newer games are starting to need more power so, if you want to Future proof your PC and have time to save up, get a gtx 1080 32 gigs ram, and an i7. will probably not need a new PC for 10 years.

  6. I'm still running 4GB RAM on my laptop I bought in 2009 and the ONLY upgrade has been to replace the T6400 cpu with a T9500. It still does everything I ask of it, I use it daily and I'm only on my 2nd battery. Of course, I don't use it for bragging rights or to act as a genital extension so that might explain my lack of need for upgrades that I don't need. No point in spending money boosting numbers simply to over-inflate my ego or try and improve others' opinion of myself.

    Let the flaming begin.

  7. Here is the thing about SuperFetch. I don't have it but… I have a 8GB system and I use Windows 7 for now. I sometimes face that I shutdown my programs and when I turn on my PC they are running. How is this possible, I have no idea. Please help. ;D

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