Is Windows 10 Better than Windows 7?

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Is Windows 10 better than Windows 7?

Microsoft wants everyone to think so.

They spent ten years with tons of users sticking with Windows XP because they did not come up with anything better, despite multiple OS releases.

At least Windows 10 is free if you upgrade to it from Windows 7, whereas I think you had to pay for a Windows 8 upgrade.

The Windows 10 upgrade is only free if you upgrade in the first year it is out, if you already have a Windows PC and only if it is Windows 7 or 8 and…


  1. Windows 10 could be good for some systems, for others it's not working the way it should.

    Some annoyances people have with windows 10 are some bugs, driver issues and incompatibilities, lack of control (update setttings etc.), and confusing settings over 2 configuration tools.

    Overall windows 10 isn't that stable as windows 7 on many systems, but it will improve later on.
    Off-course the spying from Microsoft is an issue many people have.

    For most problems there are some tweaks and register hacks you can do, but not for all.

    It depends on what your system and your preferences are what OS is better for you.

    For me windows 7 still on as windows 10 has some driver issues with my hardware that still aren't solved. Also some bugs reoccur even after fresh install.
    For now windows 7 gives me the stability I need to perform my daily routine.

    I understand why many people say windows 10 is crap, just as I understand that many people say windows 10 is way better. It depends on how their system works with the OS and how stable the installation is at this point and what people want from their OS and what they'll use it for.

  2. WARNING: I have Windows 7. I upgraded to Windows 10. My computer immediately began running a repeat message @ every two hours for me to save my work and close all programs. W10 also ate up huge amounts of memory with constant updates. I cleaned over a gig of MS crap daily from my hard drive. My hard drive was destroyed within two weeks of the upgrade, due to interference with non MS programs. I paid $200 in repairs and reverted to Windows 7. My  Cannon printer no longer worked and no new Windows 10 drivers were available for the printer. I mainly search the internet and do not have any need for the new Windows 10 bells and whistles nor the nightmare hard drive destruction. Avoid  the free upgrade to Windows 10. It is terminally infected with illness. Think of being attacked by a plague of locusts. If you need this crap, buy an entirely new warranted computer. Test the W10 OS and return the computer if it does not suit your needs.

  3. I was happy with Windows 7 and got W10 because it was free.  I wish I hadn't.  The first thing the new OS did was resize my desktop icons so as to push some of them offscreen, and give the whole opening screen a pointlessly dark, mundane tone.

  4. "Windows 10 comes with virtual desktops.

    I’ve heard Windows used to have that.

    It has that feature, but like some of the troubleshooting tools and error logs, it is almost impossible for someone short of a system admin to get to it.

    And you have to be a system admin to manage it in Linux, too."

    You have NO idea what you're talking about. Out of this sh*thole.

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