Is Windows 7 Still Worth Installing in 2018?

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Ah Windows 7. One of the best and most popular operating systems of all time. It’s still supported under an extended deadline until 2020, but is it still worth using in 2018?

Well let’s take a look back at this awesome O/S.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Nvidia GTX 1070
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Edition

How to get 7 working on AMD Ryzen:

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  1. Using Win7 Pro with my Pentium G4560 and GTX 1050 Ti.
    Highly tweaked, classic theme, only ~30 processes after boot in Task Manager, loving it!

    Good that someone finally noticed that you CAN run Win7 on your new PC!
    You just give up DX12 and nothing else.
    Drivers are available for everything (except the new Ryzen APU's, blame AMD)
    Just follow your motherboard's Win7 tool (it's called differently for each vendor), and use "wufuc" to be able to update as shown, install MSE as an antivirus and that's it! Fuck Windows 10.

  2. It was a good windows kernel because it had a lot of support and years to get good. Windows 8 didnt last and windows 10 is still getting better. By the time 2020 comes around people will be saying the same things bout windows 10 as people said about windows 7.

  3. I really wanted an answer to this question. This video clears alot on win 7.Thanks Random Phat Boy. I have one concern though. Does win 7 cause problems with programming softwares like SQL Studio and Netbeans etc?

  4. Using the windows 7 ultimate 64 bits,and from all tests on games,programs,startup is the best choice I did. Even 10 is way better on new games I still give a chance to 7 due to the fact it gives me more benefits than 10. AMD FX 6300(3'8 Ghz) 16Gb DDR3 RAM(1333Mhz),HD7900 3Gb x2 (Crossfire) Power supply 850Watts.

  5. I use Windows 10 every day at work, extensively. I still use Windows 7 every day at home. I prefer Windows 7. Windows 10 is nowhere near as responsive, even on better hardware.

  6. I use Windows 10 on my main desktop machine and Windows 7 on an ancient Dell XPS M1530 notebook that I own. I generally like to use technology that has the focus and attention of the developer. The reason I never upgraded the Dell notebook to Windows 10 was because there were no Windows 10 drivers for the built in Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics card. In fact, the only reason I could upgrade it from Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit back when Windows 7 came out was because Windows 7 is backwards compatible with Vista drivers. I skipped Windows 8 because its user interface was such a clusterf**k with the way it was designed to try straddling touch interfaces and keyboard/mouse controls.

    My favorite Windows Vista/Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets are the CPU Meter, Network Meter, and Battery Meter. I loved the Weather Desktop Gadget up until a security patch disabled it.

    On Windows 10, I use the Edge browser from time to time and it is really nice. I like how Edge can use extensions. Currently I have Adblock Plus added to Edge along with Microsoft's Web Media Extensions which includes OGG container, Vorbis Decoder, and Theora Decoder to allow Edge to work with free media extensions similar to Firefox. You may not use either Internet Explorer or Edge, but the Windows OS uses browser integrated into it for display purposes and Internet Explorer is long in the tooth compared to Edge (,edge+16).

    A downside to Windows 7 was always start up times and I negated that by installing a cheap 250 GB SSD in the notebook. This downside exists because of how Windows 7 backend works. Meltdown and Spectre patches affect Windows 7 worse than Windows 10 because of all the bottlenecks in how the backend works. DirectX 12 is also a big benefit of Windows 10. Yes, I know games are currently made using DirectX 11 as well, but it wasn't long ago that Windows XP users could claim that Windows 7 and DirectX 11 weren't necessary because games came with DirectX 9 support.

    That said, Windows 10 isn't perfect. As far as Windows 10's telemetry and tracking go, if I was that disturbed by those things I would install OpenBSD not be trying to registry hack any version of Windows newer than Windows 2000. I'm not the biggest fan of the software as a service model as I like to own standalone software keys for life, not rent my software. I'm also nonplussed by the advertising.

    My view is that Window 7 in 2018 is where Windows XP was in 2012. DirectX 12 is slowly supplanting DirectX11 the way DirectX 11 slowly supplanted DirectX 9 with games using both versions to increase their user base. Hardware vendors are slowly dropping support for older OS's as they move to support the newest one. Support for 32 bit drivers is falling away slowly as is Windows 8 drivers and I'm sure eventually, if not sooner, hardware will ship without Windows 7 drivers as well.

    The one difference between Window 7 in 2018 and Windows XP in 2012 is how Microsoft is actively kneecapping Windows 7. Microsoft never restricted hardware installs of Windows XP in 2012, yet is actively cut off new hardware for Windows 7 like Intel's Kaby Lake and AMD's AM4 socket. I don't blame Microsoft for this though. I'm sure they don't want to keep supporting a zombie OS with patches like they have had to with Windows XP after the NSA hacks.

    I view Windows 10 as equal to Windows 7. They both have their trade offs and uses, but they are both good at what they do.

  7. make a "is windows 10 worth it" and see what little ram / hardware you can actually get it running on? explore the ways you can see get it free (if any) and maybe look at how much bloat its possible for an advanced user to rip out

  8. I liked Windows 7 for the classic theme which made it look and feel like Windows XP (best OS ever). In Windows 10 they removed the classic theme option. That's my only gripe with Windows 10, you can't make it look like Windows XP.

  9. Im honestly a win 8.1 guy, i liked the start menu before desktop i wish i could roll back sometimes, win 8.1 was my first os for my gaming pc good times modding new vegas and skyrim in early 2015 before win 10 came out

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