Is Windows 7 the New XP?

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Is Windows 7 the new Windows XP? I answer that in this video.

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  1. By the way, I said in the video that Microsoft should stop supporting their old operating systems when they release new ones. Mind you, I wouldn't be happy if they did that, one of my favorite things about Microsoft is how long they support their products for. But if they really want to get people using their newer products, than an easy way to do this is for them to stop supporting their older products. Just saying.

  2. the one thing that you didn't mention is Microsoft didn't give the option they tried to force the windows 10 upgrade onto your pc weather you wanted it or not, i watched a vid & downloaded a tool to turn off the upgrade as i didn't want it, I lost interest in upgrading to any above 7 cos the system no longer looks like a proper pc its more like a windows phone instead (that i currently have & are having problems with)that's running 8.1 also my monitor does not support touchscreen which is what windows 10 is designed for

  3. In January 2020 I have only 3 choices, either move to Linux, or movie to Apple, or quite computers as a whole, I ain't moving to Win 10 unless MS fix it for real, specially when it comes to the privacy and auto updating issues.

  4. Most remaining XP computers are probably running the Embedded versions from 2009 which are supported until 2020. There is a way to make the non-embedded versions of XP think they're the embedded versions by adding a registry file to the system registry.

  5. I use windows 8.1 plz not hate lol
    It's much faster than 7 and 10 on my pc
    I love how it looks (also, I use the aero theme for windows 8.1 which looks great and dosent work on 7/10)
    I actually like the metro start menu etc…
    Dosent have ANY bloatware except msn news.

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