Itunes 10 Ubuntu Install Tutorial

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Important! This only applies to iTunes 10!
This is a tutorial on how to install Itunes easily on Ubuntu. If you have any questions just write it below in the comments section. I have made a part 2 that I recommend you watch. It covers syncing music onto music devices.
If you cant find it in the library just go to most downloaded and scroll down.

IMPORTANT: iTunes just updated to iTunes 11 and PlayOnLinux doesn’t have iTunes 11 ready for linux yet. iTunes 10 is still in the library but you…


  1. Thanks for the video! I am going to install Linux soon (Because Windows 10 is driving me nuts), but I found out that Itunes won't work with Linux. This wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that my Ipod Nano doesn't work with other Media programs like Realplayer. Without Itunes, I can't add songs to my ipod, so thanks for the video!

  2. I just tried installing using the method shown on the video and the version of Itunes 10 included in the link above. When I try and open ITunes it says, "ITunes Installler Completed.  The Installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured. Your system has not been modified. To retry these options at a later time, please run the installer again."  Any suggestions?

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