Kali Linux 2.0: How To Setup A Proxy With Tor & Proxychains

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WARNING: For Educational Purposes Only! BE AWARE Of This!
I’m not responsible how you use this method by you or to you!

This tutorial will teach you how to setup a Proxy using Tor & Proxychains to successfully surf the web or anything else safely. Using a fake IP to successfully hide your identity.

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  1. Sir I got an error while I typed 'service tor start'.. It says that unit :tor. Service not found… Pls help me sir.. I'm getting upset by this error.. Please sir.. If checked on web nothing is useful… Can you tell me an solution pls

  2. Of course there would be no voice. After all it is an instructional video with no instructions. I forget that all Kali Linux users do not know how to talk, or use their mic…. a bunch of MUTES

  3. cool beans man! this will be my project for tomorrow! after getting this setup lets say I want to use sqlmap and be proxyed….would I just type "proxychain sqlmap -u(url of target website)" I currently only use tor to hide my sqlmap scans but I would love the added security of a proxychain…thanks for making great videos!

  4. I just wanted to double check something. Do we have to also install Proxychains via the terminal:
    sudo apt-get install proxychains

    And also, do I have to configure the proxychains, only after finding the port that Tor is listening on first?
    sudo netstat -tanp | grep tor

    Ok thank you and you have a great video thanks again

  5. and i wanna know what settings are you using, looks like your kali 2.0 is pretty fast and smooth i have low ram and processor i want to know what config would be the best one to use to make it faster in Gnome itself, i have tried LXDE its faster but sucks on the looks, if u could tell me how to configure Gnome to work faster and smoother that would be great

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