Kali Linux 2.0 Installation on Windows 10

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Installation Easy for Kali linux on virtual Box Windows 10

VirtualBox kali imageDownload link-

VirtualBox Download link-

STEP 1-download and install virtual box
Step 2 – Unzip the Kali linux folder to .ova file
step3- Double click on .ova file


  1. dude the thing is that the file from kali site wont download at all, but that 2nd link you set in the desc is downloading so if you could quickly tell me if its the same file as the kali file from their site? (o and it doasent have an icon of winrar on it its like a blank paper or a blank file whatever you wanna call it)

    EDIT: i see its a .7z file 🙂

  2. If virtual box oracle doesn't work saying kernel usage wont boot then go to power iso its like virtual box put the kali Linux.iso in the usb flash drive and open up the power iso and start it up the Linux and Linux is up using a hacking terminal aint that hard to do  I used no tutorial to use Linux or back trackyall make this harder then it already is

  3. Thanks for the video. I have a few issues. 1. my Flashdrive is write protected (for some reason) and i cannot extract the file. 2. I attempted to install before so Oracle VM box is telling me that I have the same file somewhere else and cannot find it. How do I unprotect write the FD to extract files?

  4. So i saw that it said that you had a wired in connection on the Kali side of it, which is what I am encountering and I am trying to get it on the wifi how is that possible. 3:36 into the video. Plz help

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