Kali Linux Quickie – #1 – Adding a non-root user

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Hey guys! HackerSploit here back again with another video. Welcome to Kali Quickie, a series that aims to educate you on Kali Linux with tips, tricks, and guides.

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  1. No my friend you have not covered the important things… how can I create a separate user account with administration rights and privs. This so we would never have to log into root administration user account and instead use the new user login with administration rights to load software on the system without involving the root administration ? Can you show us.

  2. Hi, that's a nice idea. Probably mix some tut's about the pen-testing tools in between. I mean the basic every day pen testing ones. Because for Linux commands you'll find a lot online, but not so much for the pen test tools. Anyways good idea and thanks. 🙂

  3. isn't it better to add the user to sudo group in case you want to install something with "sudo" ? useradd -m XXXX usermod -a -G sudo xxxx and for the shell chsh -s /bin/bash xxxx

  4. I hope you make another "Kali Quickie" cuz it is very useful for other linux beginner…
    Im not racist but maybe u should change the name to "Linux Quickie" cuz i though you give us tutorial about how to perform linux….
    Just though you know 😉

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