Kali Linux Tutorial 3 – MacChanger Commands – How to Change Mac Address

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Kali Linux – MacChanger Commands – How to Change Mac Address
This video is based on the Kali Linux. We are demonstrating how to change mac address of your wireless card or device.
Steps are to be taken in kali to change mac address –
Step 1
ifconfig [interface name] down – Bring Interface card down
Step 2
macchanger -r [interface name] – This Commands generates new mac address of your device.
Step 3
ifconfig [interface name] up – Bring up the wireless card

More Commands –



  1. when i'm ifconfig wlan0 down.and i;m check, thats work…
    but..when i'm 'm ifconfig wlan0 up ….
    and i'm connect to the network…
    why my mac addresss still back to the original address…???
    can you tell me why..?

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