Kangaroo Pro Review – $199 Windows 10 Mini PC with Ethernet, VGA, SATA Dock

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Buy it at Amazon – (affiliate link) – Kangaroo is back with yet another mini-PC this time a new dock that adds SATA, VGA, audio out, and more. Buy the dock standalone: See more Kangaroo – and subscribe!

2:00 – Overview of ports (VGA, audio, HDMI, USB, ethernet)
2:46 – SATA hard drive / SSD connector
4:10 – SATA / SSD hard drive benchmark
5:04 – Comparison with eMMC built in storage…


  1. Lon, I purchased the kangaroo and had the bright idea of putting the sata from my PS4 in there. Problem is that I can't see the 500 gb sata drive once I put it in. I tried going through the device manager but no luck. Any advice?

  2. In their own advertisement, they show the girl going from room to room, plugging her kangaroo pc into various locations using the dock and yet they dont sell the dock separately….🙄

  3. I contacted Infocus/Kangaroo support today ( live chat ) and they are STILL not shipping outside the USA/Canada.

    I've scoured the internet and confirmed there are no Kangaroo's in the UK ( England, United Kingdom )

    That is seriously bad marketing! and very frustrating for all the potential UK purchasers.

    The Customer Support rep said they're displaying it at CES next month, but confirmed there are no plans to ship to anywhere ooutside USA and Canada.

    Very frustrating I'm sure for online UK retailers also.

  4. Do you think the Kangaroo is a good option for a Plex server? My setup is pretty simple. I don't do 4K (yet) or 3D, and I usually only ever have one stream going at a time. Right now I've got a Mac mini whose only purpose is to be a Plex server, and that's just too much machine for such a simple task. I also want to be able to hook up an HDhomerun to get DVR functionality. My front end is the new Apple TV, and a couple Roku sticks.

  5. Unfortunate the base model is no longer available from any retailer. Spending $170+ is to much for me.

    Lon, what micro pc/stick at $100 or less would you recommend? My needs are rather basic. Literally plug and play use, and it needs to run Libre Office…That's it.

    Anything more complicated than plugging it in following on screen directions and allowing it to update will go above my head.

  6. i was able to get one of these for 140 out the door shipped to my house about an hour ago. microsoft did me a solid because the regular ones were out of stock plus the student discount. pretty cool of them. If i put a SSD in it how would i go about just transferring the OS over to it?

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