KDE Neon First Impression Install & Review

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Today I take a look at the very popular KDE Neon, an Ubuntu-based distro that sports the latest and greatest Plasma desktop. KDE Neon gets a ton of good press but, oddly enough, I’ve never looked at Neon myself. Should be fun!



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  1. KDE Neon is a well done showcase of KDE plasma. As I noticed Global Menu Applet works fine with all GTK apps – in OpenSuse Tumbleweed for example it does not work for GTK…

    … and my Problem with KDE – you do not get real cool icons and themes, working out of the box fine. But to get things done, KDE can be a nice solution.

  2. KDE Neon has a lot of momentum in the community these days so I gave it a shot a couple of months ago. I hadn't tried KDE desktop in years – it used to be kinda ugly and bloated. It's much improved but…KDE Neon is very, very buggy and I found it unstable. Within hours of a clean install I was running into issues. And I have very linux friendly hardware.

  3. I actually think Neon is more stable than Kubuntu – it appears to be getting a lot more love and attention. All the development of the new stuff seems to give the distro momentum and focus, so that any bugs are short lived. Kubuntu seems to lag in getting fixes.

  4. I installed Arch with KDE Plasma desktop, highly reccomended… mainly happy with arch and that it has no bloatware, so the system has only what I need….no surprises, and the plasma desktop is really nice, even better than unity in my opinion… now if i can just get lightdm working, ill be happy

  5. This is the distro that I use. One of the reasons why I prefer it, over Kubuntu, is Neon doesn't come with all that (what I consider) bloatware, as I've never used many of the apps that Kunbuntu come pre-installed with. I may switch one of my main machines to Kubuntu though, when they finally decide to bring out their own minimal ISO!

  6. Review? UR kidding, right? Usually, you make overviews, man. A true review goes deeper than that. Name these videos as they are: install and the first impression, please.

  7. I like the KDE desktop but I hate the bloated context menu on the desktop, as well as the menu on dolphin, I'd rather use other desktop than modify them manually after every install XD

  8. Great review Derek.
    I bought a cheap low end Lenovo 120s notebook last week to use as a spare machine and for Linux experimental purposes. It's a surprisingly nice little machine but low end – running a dual core 1.1Ghz Celeron with a 64gb MMC hard drive.
    It shipped with Windows 10 which I imediately removed and proceeded to install Neon, on the basis that it's quite heavy on desktop effects and would test the machine to give me some idea of its limitations.
    Well, to my surprise Htop reports boot-up memory use at 320mb, and a free -m command shows 289mb used. That's down in typical Debian/XFCE teritory and way lower than older versions of KDE Plasma. I think the KDE team have been working hard. It runs very well indeed on this entry level notebook and I'm quite reluctant to remove it.
    A couple of tips though which you might want to try and perhaps do as a suplimentary video:
    – Go into the KDE monitor settings, compositor, and drag the effects slider to the left (the 'fast' position).
    – Unlock widgets, right click on the main menu icon and switch to the standard 'Aplication Menu' under alternatives.
    – Go into desktop effects and turn off any window fade in/out effects.
    KDE will now feel blazing fast! – have a go 🙂

    Something I've also noticed with newer versions of KDE is that memory managment seems very good. When you quit applications you pretty much get all of your used memory back instantly, unlike some distributions which hog memory.

    Also check out the latest KDE Falkon browser. Really really nice – stable, compatible (pages and themes render perfectly just like in Chrome) and it's very light.

  9. I've always liked the kde plasma desktop , I was shocked at how good it looks by default. I remember using kde4 and I didn't really like the way the menu looked at all. But plasma is really nice 🙂 I've been getting into gnome 3 here recently and idk why , I've never liked gnome but apparently my mind changed lol .

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