KDE Neon Pros and Cons – Linux Distro Mini Review

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KDE has made some awesome strides with the plasma release, and what better way to see the progress than with KDE Neon. Neon is a distro based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the minimal Plasma installed.

You can get the distro here:


  1. Thank you for the overview, Tom! I am currenty running Linux Mint XFCE edition on a laptop, but I'm building a computer at the moment and, when that's finished, I am going to install KDE Neon on that. I have tested Neon before, but found that it was quite buggy. So, if I have very many problems with the latest KDE desktop environment on KDE Neon, I think that I'm going to switch to Kubuntu. Or Manjaro KDE.

    Again, Tom, thank you for this video!

  2. I actually used KDE Neon.It was version 5.8.6.I really loved it but then after a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade it updates all my programs.How is that bad?Well,it updated by itself Kdenlive.I was so frustrated since it updated it to 17.04.1 which was the worst version.I decided to use Kubuntu.Then I deleted everything on the hard disk and so bought a new laptop running Ubuntu 🙂

  3. The title of this video is "KDE Neon Pros and Cons". So after 37' you come up with Neon having the latest version of Plasma. No Pros, no Cons. Pretty long video for fiddling around with the KDE desktop.

    Generally, your videos are uncut with extreme lengths that do not really highten the suspense 🙁

  4. I don'[t comment much on Linux due my lack of expertise and the subjectivity of much criticism due to our essentially being spoilt for choice. It is very satisfying to see so many move to Linux whatever distro is chosen.I look forward to its mainstream use on millions of desktops or laptops with enthusiasm.
    Based on my experience with Mint Cinnamon and OpenSuse KDE I really took to both distros and it was not a straightforward matter to settle for one of them. The subjective choice came down to OpenSuse where I had to google a bit to add repositories and install codecs. Even so this took little time,was not difficult and I learnt quite a bit.
    The often quoted criticisms of single click/double click and what should be included in a default installation serves to demonstrate just how well the Linux community looks after me/us.
    I see a great philosophy behind the people in the Linux world Where we can use what works for each of us,
    Thanks for your broadcasts.

  5. Great video. Love this distro. You can also install a tiled menu like windows but I think its better because you can customize it to your hearts content. It is in the add more widgets. Big Daddy did a great video on it.

  6. Hello STL ! For the double click on folders here is the trick: Click on Start (Kmenu)> System Settings > Keyboard&Mouse
    In the left panel select the mouse icon to get the "Mouse Settings" Menu.
    Simply check the "Double Click to open files and Folders (select icons on first click).
    For the settings to work it is always better to study the syntax of the configuration files and edit those files after having created a backup of the original configuration files. If you mess it up, you still have the original files!!!
    KDE Neon is less slow than other KDE distros unless you choose KDE as your DE in Gentoo. Look at the videos of Fireicer Cooper and how fast and powerful his Gentoo KDE is. Gentoo gives you the freedom to choose your own flags to optimize your system. It takes a long time to set it up but once everything is installed and compiled it is the fastest one and the most optimized one without the shadow of a doubt!!!
    Best regards,

  7. You can switch the KDE Plasma desktop to have traditional icon workspace like other desktops. <Right-click> the desktop. Choose "Configure desktop". In the new dialogue window that appears, which is the same as the one to choose backgrounds, select the Layout drop-down box, and choose Folder View, and then Apply and OK out. You should see a couple of default folders appear, like Home, etc. You can now drag your own folders and make links on he desktop. As far as I know, all these are stored in your Desktop folder under your Home directory.

  8. To change the Lancher to have names for applications. <Right-click> the launcher icon on the task bar. Select "Application launcher settings…" and the Appearance dialogue window will appear. In there, select the check-box for "Show applications by name".
    Also, I've never got the Discover application to work reliably, and Muon package manager always has problems searching for things. I don't bother with either of them on Kubuntu, and stick to command-line. Manjaro KDE is better, as they have their own GUI manager Octopi.
    Also, I believe Neon doesn't come with hardly any extras because, as they say, it's not intended as an out-of-the-box distro. It's more a test platform for Plasma, or as a barebones for people that are happy to make their own. I tried it for a while on a machine I needed a stripped down GUI on, but I use Kubuntu or Manjaro for proper workstations as they come ready to go.

  9. KDE Neon does not work for me at all.

    No PPA Support or simple to use Update-Manager. I don't know what Discovery is doing, but it fails 1 out of 4 update searches and does not display apps reliable.

    Also Kwallet is totally broken for me. It prevents me from accessing my wlan, it does not save any PW at all and i cannot configure it (no problems after purging Kwallet). So i cannot use most of the native KDE apps which uses Kwallet.

    It seems to me that there is too much sand between the gears to use KDE Neon as my daily driver. Also there is no official guarantee, that the normal ubuntu apps will work under neon.

    To set KDE Neon up i needed more time than to fully configure my old debian installation. And that tells me there is something wrong.

  10. It ll drive ya crazy you cant change anything like a mouse curser ,sound schemes ,such a beautiful distro and I so much want to like it the start menu is awful …. get under the hood and see if if you want … all the best im a newbie good info ..

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