kdenlive how to do a good green screen effect kdenlive linux

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this video will show you how to pull a good looking greenscreen (chroma key) effect with kdenlive on linux

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how to do a greenscreen in kdenlive

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  1. I tried doing a Green Screen with Kdenlive, on Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya Cinnamon. I had a Green screen Jail bars, on another line I had a Green Screen Flames. on a third line I had a PNG image. I applied the Chroma Key to both Green Screen clips, then I applied Chroma Hold, and with all that I could not get the PNG image to show up behind the other 2 clips.

  2. Hey man, great video, I've referenced it a lot. All my actors want to move toward using a white screen now; and the variance on kdenlive isn't sensitive enough to be useful. ie. 0 blots out half their outfit; 1 blots out most of the background.

    Can anyone tell us how to change background colours to green? The new Kden set up drives me up the wall, I can't do rotoscoping like we used to be able to.

  3. Interested to compare with other free video editors in Linux: Openshot, Kdenlive & Cinerella.

    Computer slow: need better CPU, more memory, faster HDD, … ?

    If using a lighter version of Linux (Bodhi, LXDE, XFCE, etc) … would that speed everything?

  4. I think the reason your alpha operations does nothing in that you have NO OPS selected and you are adjusting the threshold. I think the threshold slider only has an effect when the threshold operation is selected

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