Kdenlive QnA #11 – Installing the latest version from Sunab’s repository.

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Ubuntu, and maybe other distributions of Linux too, is known for not having the latest version of Kdenlive installed. So, in this one we demonstrate how to install it (even if you don’t run the Unity desktop) from Sunab’s alternative repository.

We show not only the GUI method, but also the CLI (command line) method.

Background music by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech.com.


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  1. This is really important to know. I was using the older version that you get from the Ubuntu software center if you don't do this, and none of the high quality lossless rendering presets like FFV1 video with FLAC audio (my favorite combination for rendering final videos to archive) would work. Just getting the updated repository from the Kdenlive site fixed it and now it works great. Thanks for the video.

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