Keep Dell XPS Cool while Gaming: Safe and Easy

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Here is a little tip on keeping a Dell XPS or any similar Windows 7 laptop cooler when gaming, without sacrificing FPS in most games or using a noisy external cooler (which you still can for more cooling 😀 ) Games tested: Dirt 3, Crysis 2 (both 2011 games)
Laptop Specs:
Dell XPS 15 L502x
CPU: i-5 2410m 2.3 Ghz up to 2.9 Ghz
Grapics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 540m, 2 gigs
6 gigs RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium

CPUID Hardware Monitor:


  1. I have a Dell XPS Studio 1645. My computer has a problem with over heating and shutting down. I tried to play Minecraft on the computer. But the laptop just shuts down after a while. I need to know what the proper settings for my laptop computer.

  2. DUDE THANK YOU ! i got an xps 15 9550 and he was overheating af when i game on it and its kind pissing me off cause it's a 2600$ machine and i couldn't play correctly on it, after all he has a gtx 960 so it have to be butter smooth, but srsly thnx a lot man love ya #Bromance #nothingelse xD

  3. thanks. this really solved my problem with overheating. im currently play an old mmo called ragnarok, the game didnt use gpu but processor was always maxed. the temp really when down now. i have dell xps17 l702x

  4. I just bought a new laptop: Dell Xps 15, and I was rather disappointed when my games started to run badly because of overheating. This solved the problem with no consequences for the gaming experience at all. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. dell xps 15 L521x. So far this seems to have helped me alot. I'm running tribes ascend on mostly medium settings and before changing the power settings it would run for a few minutes before hitting 90+ and then throttling. Now it plays just fine on the same settings reaching only 75 max temp. Thanks! 

  6. This is great.  I just created a "gaming" power profile with these settings and went from close to 100 C on some cores down into the 80s on an Intel i7.  And this is just with shutting down the turbo boost.  I can still go down even farther if need be.  Thanks for taking the time to share this tip.

  7. I have the dell N5110  I'v never hit above 90c on my i5 2410 my problem is the GT252M GPU. setting games to medium highish i hit 96c set games to lowest settings i can get away with 87c. I paid for a new heatseek/fan installed it. same temps. my i5 2410 get's to 80c max's under load but drops down fast as do the GPU when not under load. Not going to keep opening my laptop as they are not design to keep being open up. I think it's just poor design. No way will i ever buy a gaming laptop. 

  8. Hey guys i have a xps 15 dell laptop and sometimes when i start a game/skype/the laptop itself it starts flashing from the normal view to completely grey and back each time showing the message intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows 7(r) has stopped responding and has been restored. It either stop flashing or gives me a bluescreen with an error code that pretty much says update your graphics drivers (they are updated to newest). Or it just gives me a black screen in a way that it still w

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