KITTY CURSOR CHASER (Oneko Tutorial) // Ubuntu 16.04 Tips

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In this video, I show you how to set up a really cool program in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS that creates a cute animated kitty to follow your cursor around the screen.
The app is called Oneko and is free to download via the Ubuntu Software app.

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“The Ubuntu story
ubuntu |oǒ’boǒntoō|

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity…


  1. Hey! I just installed Oneko and its so pretty but when the cursor stops the gif fails and it shows something without form, can you tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

  2. From command line you can change the cat:
    oneko -sakura -name Sakura &
    oneko -tomoyo -name Tomoyo -toname Sakura &
    oneko -tora -name Tora -toname Tomoyo &
    oneko -dog -name Dog -toname Tora &
    oneko -toname Dog

    Source : Oneko comment on Ubuntu software center

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