Laptop Battery not charging “plugged in, not charging” Windows 10 – Non-Removable Battery Steps

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An easy battery fix for your laptop battery “plugged in, not charging” Windows 10. This is a simple to follow laptop battery fix/ battery calibration video on how to fix laptop battery not charging plugged in not charging Windows 10 battery error message. And yes, laptop plugged in not charging means the same thing in my video suggested steps to get your laptop battery charging again.

A lot of people with new and old laptops get this condition with there laptop…


  1. My laptop battery charging when switched off , but not charging when power on. I have a internal battery, Its ok for me to run the laptop without battery – directly on mains. My Laptop is Hp pavilion-15 series

  2. Looks like it's not working when you haven't fixed the problem when it first showed… too bad (at least that's in my case)
    I was confident it's gonna work, because it's usually Microsoft's software that's making problems

  3. Heey bro my laptop is running on windows 10 when is charging is blinking on white till I disconnect and connect again but this is happening a million times and I have alot to do what is the solution

  4. I'm on a Surface Pro 4. This worked. All I did was uninstall that ACPI Compliant thing, shut down, unplug then plug back in, start up, then it was back to charging again. I should probably start unplugging the AC adapter at night and while I'm at work to let the battery cool down for a few hours.

  5. As far as I see after years of knowing about this yet doing nothing, Microsoft have done this deliberately. The staggering amount of batteries replaced will make hundreds of millions globally, infact Billion$ considering the 7.5 billion population and so many laptops. I have to say that all the microsoft bullshit of windows 10 has also been deliberate for the same reasons and administators own everyone for what they insist is security. Computors have fast become something to avoid if possible but most won't.

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