Late Night Linux – Episode 34

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It’s Ikey’s last show and Jesse’s last show for a while, and Félim is off sick. Graham Morrison joins us to discuss 2 factor authentication, Firefox OS, a new DNS service, Linux-Libre security, and whether we can move away from centralised social media.


2 factor authenticator for Linux

The final nail in the Firefox OS coffin

Cloudflare launches DNS service

Linux-Libre prioritises freedom over security

Good night, sweet…


  1. A lot of "IT" jobs "require" that you have a facebook. Which is horrible as the best IT types are the "least" sociable bunch on the planet. I never did facebook as I didn't get past the TOS. Cannot talk about beer? Then what the hell would I talk about? That I wouldn't have a personal blog or youtube video on?

  2. Stallman is not arrogant, he keeps his positions as you do, respect his first, then you will see there is 'no problem'. you are deluding yourself and doing the opposite of what you want; keeping your freedom.
    you're doing the game of being a nice member of the society, and forcing others to have your opinions, Stallman is honest enough to say I don't give a shit, be honest enough from your part. Then you will be at his level.

  3. Speaking of arrogance, this is the attitude that's been adopted by virtually every human with their conceptual viewpoints anent anything and everything. It's the stance of every argument, to varying degrees

  4. 3:27 – In my view we need an opensource phone for USD$150-200 that supports 4G, buttons to press and a better UI and proper dialer app and focus on long battery life then android apps and crap mobile phone camera but instead privacy and openness. Prisim works out to be around AUD$800-1000

  5. 2:44 – Gday I would like 2 factor without android app or SMS . Sure its not common but I am migrating away from cell phone useage . Ive given up on a proper UI that I like on Android and the last enjoyable phone experince for me was Asus Garmin A10 phone with Android 2.1 which lasted 6 years till the battery died

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