Learn Linux Command Line EASILY! – Quick Guide

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Learning Source:
In this video I showed making a quick entrance to the linux terminal and very basic commands. Check the source I gave to learn it yourself in a quick way! Good luck my dear subscribers!

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  2. hey codeinstein, i love your videos !!
    you remember when you upload the steal password with usb thing ?
    can you add the feature so we can steal steam password too ? it would be awesome man.

  3. When you use ls -la, it can be interchanged and/or separated. For example, "ls -al" "ls -a -l" and "ls -l -a" will all give you the same results.

    You can also use them on their own. Adding -a will list (a)ll files including hidden ones, and adding -l will (l)ist files.

    Therefore, ls -al, will list all files. Including hidden ones. Just like the video shows.

    You can also use the cd .. command consecutively.
    So if you want to go up two directories, you'd type "cd ../.."
    Three directories "cd ../../.." and so on.

  4. You are growing so quick dude. keep doing things this good plz. love your channel.
    the only thing i really miss is some security and hacking lessons. as you said on your vlog on where to start hacking you mentioned python as the best coding lenguage to begin havking. Why dont you do a series explaining some cool python scripts to run for hacking(always with a learning porpouse of course). thanks again m8

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