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Learn Windows 10, New Features, Tips and Tricks with LearnIT’s Cara Clifford. Some of the topics to be included in this LIVE Windows 10 .

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  1. I would have to say my favorite feature is the internet explorer I love living in 1994. No google chrome for me, I like my full screen youtube videos all blochey and lagey. Not to mention that useless help menu that sends you to a internet search engine, as if to say we don't understand our own system we made. I doubt, anyone knew what Bing was before you forced people to go there. Not only that but if your internet is down good luck fixing your problem. Like for months having that dumb triangle that says caution memory low? what is that all about? Not to mention your secret computer clean up thing where you press windows button plus r then type temp then alt a then right click mouse to delete? why not just put that thing next to the recycle bin let us click it once and delete that crap easy without trying to trick us?

  2. I went from Vista to Win10 anniv. edition. Some big changes, though not extreme. The left and right sections are new to me. Cortana is interesting but I just usually type-search everything. Nothing I really don't like about 10, especially after I tweak what I want and don't want. Still won't use Edge as default, just basically as a news page occasionally. Don't see any reason to upgrade to Creators, and it fails to do it anyway, so looks like endless postponing it for me. That's fine.

  3. Best teacher among teachers i have seen on Computer-Prouninciation vise. Ur talks validate the indian concept of difference between upside limbs & Downside.(hole Especially among English women. Thanks a lot.. 2 whom MS/U tube i dont know?……..

  4. Is complete just try to explain more exact and step by step slowly because i didn't learn how to do it. And when you are clearing your trough is really annoying and loud for audience.

  5. Cortana is disobedient 0 will not do what you tell us – and also the computer is the slowest ever in my entire life – I type much faster than the letters can follow – unknown to me. and a huge frustration too,,,,,… and how does one decrease the size of a photo or what ever to see the TRUE wonderful program I am using 0 all now in vain.

  6. NONSENSE – WINDOWS 7 NEVER blocked my whole scrreen – but I AM WORKIING a project and cannot complete it on this extremelhy slcw computer – and the window in front BLOCKS the whole screen and COVERS my NB program 0- how the hell does one get work done??? i am on day 6 and get more MUCH MORE frustrated!! I CURSE the developers of this TORTURE

  7. I did this on the anniversary update of Windows 10 to get the MAX performance:
    1….. Remove unwanted programs from startup
    2….. 10apps manager to remove Windows 10 apps
    3….. Disable visual effects
    4….. Perfmon analysis
    5….. Disk cleanup utility
    6….. Disable unwanted services:
    All Xbox Services
    All Hyper-V services
    Microsoft SMS router service
    Diagnostics tracking service
    Fax service
    All Sensor Services
    7….. Disable data mining and tracking components
    8….. Disable network throttling
    9….. Unpark your CPU cores
    10…. Disable Nagle's algorithm.

    Created a video on my channel too.

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