Learn Windows 7 – Copy and Paste

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Mahalo Windows expert Sean Hewitt gives a tutorial on using copy and paste for Windows 7.

Copy and Paste

* Open up any two folders you want to move files between. Left-click and hold on the specific file you would like and drag it over to the other folder then release the mouse. A keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V in the new…


  1. Here's my predicament…
    I have a picture in my download folder and I want to cut and paste in one step to two different portable external drives,
    is this possible in one step? or do I have to paste it in one then go to the other drive and do the same thing here?
    Thank you.

  2. It's a lucky thing that when you opened those folders the folder windows were a handy size for seeing content in both at once. How'd you do that? Is there a previous video (unannounced in this video's description) for managing the size of windows?

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