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Beginners Guide to using Windows 8 on a Laptop and Tablet. Learn about Windows 8 at

Also see video: Windows 8.1 Update new features:

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  1. ok so you took a perfectly working work operating system, windows 7 and turned it into a tablet.  A tablet with too many time wasters. NOt everyone spends their day glued to social media.  Your not APPPLE.  If I wanted Apple features I'd have bought their product.  Instead I needed a computer and they wouldn't let me have windows 7.    Charms,….. Ebonix same thing.

  2. Windows 8.1 was better than windows 10 :-(… Split screen mode is way better in Windows 8.1 with the ability to full size a video and make the split screen as big or as small as you want. Can't do what he does at 5:04 in Windows 10.

  3. Everyone here complaining obviously can't work a computer if you don't know how to work a windows 8 laptop. To be honest, it took me only a day and a half to get it right and next thing I know, It was easy for me. And no, you don't have to be some sort of wizard to use it, you just need to LEARN how to use it.

  4. Windows 8 is amazing! I use a Surface Pro 3 and it works amazing. Same with my desktop. I love the apps and beautiful design of the start screen and app screen! Now I HAVE to move to Windows 8. W8 is not a change for the better. This is change for the sake of change. I love to swipe on my Android and my tablet. On my laptop, AO1, and Desktop, I design. I need a mouse to be specific and precise with movement.update from this page https://plus.google.com/101672007903590947767/posts/FXL1qSzFbLg

  5. I am having an issue with windows 8 myself. I have 8.1 (Not sure if that is any different), and there is a feature in which i would move my mouse to the right side of the screen, then a seach bar would pop up allowing me to look for certain apps ect. But it stopped working. I looked around for an answer but haven't gotten any solid help.

  6. It's called "Future Shock". Toffler's prophetic book came out in like 1970 and things have proceeded much the way he said they would. Sorry, it ain't gonna get any better.

  7. Man, I cannot believe this has not been pulled down out of shame.
    Been using computers since the late 80's, evaluated software for an engineering firm, and Win 8 is absolutely the worst operating system ever invented.
    First off, how could Microsoft ignore all the time and money spent on "Personalization and Customization" since personal computing started. Grandma doesn't want a bunch of primary color squares she wants a picture of her granddaughter. Screensavers, wallpapers, themes, custom cases… One Experience for All Devices?!?!  Who the hell wants one experience for anything? It even gets boring in sex!!
    But, has Microsoft learned? Apparently not from what I have seen on Windows 10.

    Second off, totally NOT an intuitive interface for people who want or need to do more than heart things on Twit-er. Lost functionality, wedgie-giving bugs, and half of it is bloatware…

    People want One Experience? Yea… I want a McDonald's experience when I buy a $20 steak.

  8. It boggles the mind why action has not been taken to force Microsoft to recall all Windows 8 and 8.1 computers and force the company to retrofit all of them with Windows 7 which is much easier to use.. I made the terrible mistake of buying an Acer computer for my sister which uses Windows 8.1. It has been nothing but endless aggravation. Microsoft should be fined for billions of dollars for palming off a terrible lemon.

  9. Not to be rude, but, from what I've seen in this and other W8 tutorials, this OS is, perhaps, the most USELESS piece of "technology" I've ever seen. Unfortunately, my Inspiron 580 was fried, due to a power surge, so, I had to purchase a new PC, which, of course, has W8.1. I'm not happy with what I see here. I miss W7. I have no use for these apps.

  10. how to not let a simple app like calculator take up the whole damn screen? why can't they make these stupid apps into window sizes?
    are developers stupid or dumb or idiotic?

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