Lenovo ThinkPad 11e With Windows 10, AMD Processor, Unboxing Video

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An unboxing video of the budget level Lenovo ThinkPad 11e 11.6″ screen laptop. This laptop comes with an AMD processor, 110GB SSD and the new Windows 10 OS. It was on sale over Black Friday 2015 for around $200!


  1. Hi there I have the same laptop except mine's an Intel Core M, was wondering if you're able to play games on yours? Like Dota 2 perhaps or CS:GO? Oh and if you experience the same issue I've experienced a few times… The fan goes on suddenly out of nowhere even when I'm doing very light tasks on it, idk if that's because of me or maybe that's just normal?

  2. Thanks for your video. I just purchased one from Woot yesterday as well, with mostly the same spec except that mine is an Intel Celeron instead of the AMD. I'm curious to see how it performs – obviously not expecting a ton given the price I paid (although the same laptop is priced at around $650 on the Lenovo website) but I'm still hoping that it'll hold up well to daily use of office products, the web, and watching videos.

    It would be great to see your review if it's still in your plan to do one. Crossing my fingers that I wouldn't need to upgrade anything in order for it to function properly.

  3. thanks for the video. very strange design that the bezel is so wide and like you said it could probably house a 13" screen. even though this is a 11.6" screen the overall size is larger than a standard 11.6" right?

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